Little Roadside Management

Severe Duty Brush Cutting / Vegetation Management Solutions

T121H Brushcutter

All new Quick Attach Brushcutter for wheel loaders.

Mid-Mounted Boom Mowers

Mid-Mounted Boom Mowers designed for AG tractors.

Excavator Mowers

Bi-directional, custom mounted mowers for Excavators.

Flail Mowers

Heavy Duty Flail mowers for grass cutting and/or mulching vegetation.

Rotary Mowers

Heavy Duty Rotary Mowers feature integrated chain guard in the rear.

Ditcher Head

Heavy Duty 21" Ditch Cleaning.

Little Roadside Management is committed to keeping our customers satisfied. For parts and service requests, please call us so you can speak with someone who can assist you today. We can provide part diagrams or parts list as needed as well as full operator manuals for your equipment.

LRM carries a vast inventory of mower parts to help keep your downtime minimum. Our mower blades are made from the highest quality materials and heat treated for long life.

Parts or Service: 864-236-0777 (Office hours: 8:00-5:00 M-F) Email for after hours:

Some common parts are available for viewing below. Click links below for exploded view: 

4' Flail Assembly 5' Flail Assembly 6' Flail Assembly

Boom Hardware and Pins Boom Components Quick Attach Box 

Rotary Bearing and Spindle Assy 5' Rotary Blades and Bolts4' Rotary Blades and Bolts

In 1981, a retired metal craftsman and fabricator formed Little Industries to provide quality replaceable parts for mowing and brushcutting equipment. Years of experience in the production of mining and logging equipment enabled him to produce replacement parts which lasted 3 to 5 times longer than the originals. Due to customer demand for cost saving equipment, the company expanded and began producing complete brushcutter systems, which also lasted 3 to 5 times longer than other brushcutters.

In 1995, Little began establishing product support and marketing partnerships with several of the world's leading manufacturer's of tractors.  Little recognized that innovation was required to bring about more comprehensive solutions to the governmental mowing industry.  For over 30 years, the market had been dominated by products sold as mere attachments to existing tractors.  Although initially inexpensive, this resulted in excessive wear and failure of tractors as well as limited life and high maintenance costs for the mowing products.

Little works closely with its partners to ensure all systems and structures perform as a fully integrated system with no compromise in safety, durability, or mowing performance. From the ground up, all components are designed and selected for dedicated full-time use in severe duty roadside mowing applications.  Little focuses on using the highest quality materials and workmanship, assuring many years of brushcutting, high in production, but low in operating costs.

Little has continued the innovation and attention to quality since then, and now produces a wide array of Brushcutters, Mowing Heads, Ditcher Heads, Boom Mowers, Shoulder Mowers, and Quick Attach Brushcutters.  In 2002, Little entered into marketing relationships with AGCO and Caterpillar.  These relationships mean that Little products can be sold and serviced through a network of respected local dealers across the nation.
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